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Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer

  • Provides up to 25,000 ft-lbs of torque to hydraulically remove retainer caps; bolts and piston nuts.
  • Hydraulically keeps the cylinder aligned during disassembly and reassembly to prevent damage to cylinder and packing components.


Hydraulic Cylinder Hone

  • Renews sealing surface to provide positive seal.
  • Hones to 0.60 oversize to save scored barrels.
  • Provides positive alignments.


Schroeder Hydraulic Test Bench

  • Allows all remanufactured pumps, motors, cylinders and valves to be tested to factory specifications before installing them in a working system.
  • Allows remanufactured powershift transmissions to be hydraulically tested assuring positive clutch pack sealing.
  • Allows testing of remanufactured hydrostatic systems.