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Hikalibre Airline
  • Option A: FTS will disassemble, clean; evaluate and provide a firm quote for the remanufacture and test running of completed unit before proceeding.

  • Option B: FTS will provide a repair estimate before disassembly for the remanufacture of units in need of repair. Actual costs can only be determined after units are disassembled. A firm quote will be provided before proceeding.
  • Labor guaranteed one year if problem is determined to be fault of FTS.

  • All parts guaranteed per manufacturer's warranty.

  • FTS will provide a competitive written warranty equal to that of the OEM involved for like repairs.
  • One year warranty on all remanufactured and tested units using OEM components. Warranty is null and void if in the judgment of Field-Tec
    Services the part has been used in the wrong application, damaged,
    improperly maintained or repaired or subjected to inappropriate
    environmental and operating conditions.